Investors Should Read These 15 Real Estate Investing Books

Joe Fairless

October 31, 2022

If you are looking for a quick guide to real estate investing, you should pick up one of these books. These books cover the basics and will give you the skills necessary to succeed in the field. These books will teach you how to acquire property for a profit and manage it as a business.

Making Money One House at a Time

Building Wealth One House at a Time is the go-to guide for everyday real estate investors. It explains how to buy and finance houses to increase the amount of cash flow and appreciation over time. It is updated to meet the needs of today’s real estate investors. This new edition offers fresh strategies for buying and financing single-family rental houses.

John Schaub is a nationally recognized expert in real estate investing. He has honed his skills through decades of experience, learning on the job and navigating every type of market. In Building Wealth One House at a Time, he demonstrates how to accumulate one million dollars in houses debt-free while still enjoying a steady cash flow. This book is great for people who are just starting to invest or for those who want a refresher on how to invest.

Kiyosaki’s book

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is back at it with a new book on real estate investing. He claims that the rules have changed and the numbers make sense again. The book features the advice of 22 veteran real estate investors and compiles a wealth of information on the subject. We spoke to him about the book to find out more about his investment strategy.

Kiyosaki has claimed to be a successful real estate investor, but he has never revealed his net worth. He has not disclosed how much he makes, and it’s likely that he purchased the properties with book royalties. Whether his investments have paid off or not is another matter, but it’s still worth asking.

Coons’ book

Clint Coons has put together a wealth of information to help you invest in real estate. As an attorney and a real estate investor himself, he knows a thing or two about maximizing your returns. His book, Next Level Real Estate Protection, will give you a crash course on protecting your assets, working with lenders, and creating multiple streams of passive income.

The book’s approach is practical and teaches real-life examples and stories of investors who have been successful. It offers a personal narrative of three individuals who learned how to invest in real estate. Along the way, the book chronicles their successes and failures. The authors are also candid about the truth behind owning real estate and teach you how to redesign your own portfolio.

Gallinelli’s book

One of the most important aspects of real estate investing is understanding cash flow. This is a concept that many people don’t understand, but Gallinelli’s book delves into its importance. This book will help you determine how much cash flow is required to cover a property’s expenses. The book also covers the various metrics used in commercial real estate analysis. It also teaches you how to calculate cash flow using Excel. Gallinelli’s book is an excellent reference for anyone interested in real estate investing.

This book will give you the skills necessary to maximize your profits. While many investors have trouble raising capital, this book will teach you to be creative and implement time-tested strategies that have helped other investors achieve success. You’ll learn how to use different strategies to get the most out of being an investor in real estate and grow your rental property business.

Keller’s book

If you are looking for a book to help you with your real estate investing, Keller’s book is a great choice. It explains how to identify excellent real estate investment opportunities, how to maximize your money, and how to structure property sales wisely. It also teaches you how to protect yourself and your assets and gives projections for the future of real estate investing.

The book starts out by talking about the common mistakes that new investors make and what can help them avoid them. After that, the author discusses four easy-to-follow strategies, creative tips for finding deals, and actionable ideas for financing and property management.