Joe Fairless on the Top Recession-proof CRE Options

Joe Fairless

January 12, 2023

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As co-founder of a company that sees increased revenue in multifamily real estate assets under management and Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book co-author, Joe Fairless knows what it takes to succeed in commercial real estate. Even when inflation and higher interest rates threaten our economy, there are still commercial real estate (CRE) options that make good sense.

Multifamily properties

Many potential single-family home buyers looking at a looming recession will opt for the rental property until the interest rates are lowered. For this reason, multifamily properties will see an increased demand. Joe Fairless has witnessed monthly lease prices increase in every major city. Yet, there is still accelerated growth in selling and buying multifamily properties.

Joe Fairless suggests investing in either of the following three recession-proof CRE options because, during a bear market, commercial real estate prices will typically decline (a time to buy low). Just ensure you’re locked in with a long-term, fixed-rate loan because recessions rarely last longer than five years.