The top 15 most powerful brokerage businesses will be published in the year 2022.

Joe Fairless

May 4, 2022



CBRE Group will be the most powerful brokerage firm in the world in 2022, according to our most recent rankings, ranking first among the top 15 most powerful brokerage businesses. The ranking is based on the total value of worldwide investment sales and leasing agreements completed in the preceding year. In2017, CBRE surpassed the $300 billion milestones for the third year in a row, marking the firm’s most profitable year ever. In 2017, the firm’s overall deal volume was $337 billion, a 23.7 percent increase over the previous year. Despite the fact that JLL’s volume increased at a quicker rate than CBRE’s, the company’s deal volume was $85 billion higher than the next-placed firm.

With over a decade of expertise in the sector, Matthews Real Estate Investment Services is the nation’s fastest-growing commercial real estate organization. At the time of the review, the firm was ranked #9 in terms of sales. The agents’ personal branding efforts, on the other hand, are heavily influenced by the company’s market reputation. As a result, it ascended to the 15th position on the list of the world’s most powerful brokerage businesses in 2022.

According to Joe Fairless, the East Islip-based Korman Frade Group’s team of agents was also recognized for their accomplishments. Some of the top-producing Long Island real estate agents to deal with are Michelle Keegan, Joyce Coletti, Lisa Hendrickson, and Barbara Leogrande. The Tripodi/Shemtov Team finished in second, followed by the Lina Lopes Team. Another New York-based club, the Tavivi Team, was rated fourth on the Westchester ranking.

The Altman Brothers Team of Palm Beach, California, received a spot among the Top 15 Most Powerful Brokerage Firms in the United States in 2020. In2020, their sales volume is predicted to reach $5.4 billion, a 15% increase over the previous year. The company was also recognized for its top-performing employees as assessed by gross commission income. Overall, the Altman Brothers’ Team came in fourth place. The team was designated one of the Top Individual Agents of 2022 by GCI, and they were also recognized for their accomplishments the previous year.

TCN Worldwide and Manulife Financial Corporation are two more of the world’s most successful firms. With operations in over 100 countries, TCN Worldwide is the world’s biggest commercial real estate business. The firm with the greatest stake in TCN Worldwide is Manulife Financial Corporation, a Canadian enterprise with a portfolio worth more than $55 billion. With $55 billion in assets in this industry, the New York Life Insurance Company is the third-largest investor. It’s difficult to imagine a better time for investors than now when there are so many top brokerage businesses in the sector.

Joe Fairless pointed out that, the top 15 most influential brokerage companies in the United States will account for 59 percent of overall sales volume in 2022. This is a substantial increase from the previous year when just four corporations broke the $100 billion mark. According to the poll, the market share of the Top 1000 brokerage companies is expected to triple from last year to 2022. Given that the top ten Mega 1000 brokerage companies accounted for 56% of all residential sales in2016, the Top 15 brokerage firms are expected to continue to dominate the market in 2022.

Joe Fairless emphasized that the Sarkis Team topped the list in terms of gross commission revenue, followed by the Live in Luxury Team and the Bowers-Jedlin Team, among others. GCI ranked Elaine Dolley, Myrna Rothman, and Mario Massimino the top three people in the city of Boston. In terms of the number of transactions completed, The Malloy Group and Rebekah Carver rounded out the top five.

Each state’s top brokerage firms also had great teams, which contributed to their success. Douglas Elliman was voted the finest real estate business in Aspen by Aspen Times readers, and the company plans to sell more than 138 percent more real estate in 2020 than the previous year. The firm’s top two teams are the Saslove and Warwick Team and the Guilander Farrell Team, with the Saslove and Warwick Team coming in fourth and the Guilander Farrell Team coming in fifth, respectively.

The Noble Black Team, Andrew Azoulay Team, and Eileen Hsu Team were among those on the list. In the competition’s final standings, the Alexander-Ehrmann Team and the Jacky Teplitzky Team were rated eighth and ninth, respectively. The Katzen Team and Lauren Muss were tied for 10th place at the time, while the Tavivian and Rosa Pereira Teams were rated 12th and 13th, respectively.